Debatable Screenings: Potentials Within

Debatable Screenings: Potentials Within 
Screening on 28th of July 2016, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Los Angeles Times Media Center
Art Center College of Design Hillside Campus
Pasadena, California, US

Artists: Doplgenger, Driant Zenelli, Endri Dani, Igor Bošnjak, Ibro Hasanović, Katarina Zdjelar, Lana Čmajčanin, Mladen Miljanović, Olson Lamaj, Saša Tkačenko, Siniša Ilić & Tina Gverović

Curated by Maja Ćirić

Debatable Screenings is a series of video programs organized by different curators from around the globe, considering the potentiality of collective agency, artistic and curatorial discourse, and intercultural dialogue. The interaction between these programs creates a stage for debate, where the nuances of the concept of screening are explored against the light of the individual discourse of artists and filmmakers. 

Historical approach to curating implies that the exhibitions should embody a telegenic quality (Pierre Restany). However, contemporary proliferation of the images makes us look for what has not been thought of within the existing order of things, a certain conceptual aspect that would make a difference in a larger social-political frame.

Potentials Within presents transformative cultural actualisations by the means of art from the post-Yugoslav region. This selection draws on Giorgo Agamben’ s account “On Potentiality” that “conserves itself and saves itself in actuality” (184).  These are not only potentials of visual sensations, but also social-political performative actions.
By the means of artistic agency, video as a format is used in order to point to alternative geographical, ideological, semantic, individual and collective power with a directional force that persists.

Single-channel video constitutes a prime vehicle for the widespread dissemination of discourse and critique. Its rapid availability through the Internet, as well as its low-cost infrastructural requirements enables exceptional possibilities for establishing networks of collaboration and transnational dialogue. 

Please join us at the Los Angeles Times Auditorium at Art Center on Thursday, July 21 for a presentation and talk with curators Maja Ciric and David Ayala-Alfonso, and the first screening program, “Lend Me Your Sofness”, curated by Renan Laru-An. Debatable Screenings will close on Thursday, July 28 with two more programs: “Potentials Within”, curated by Maja Ciric and “A Pilgrimage to the Ruins of the Future”, curated by David Ayala-Alfonso.

Debatable Screenings is possible thanks to the kind support of the Humanities and Sciences Department of Art Center College of Design.

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