Unfinished Symphony

Interactive installation │ multi-media - sound, light, motion detector│ 2010/2018
Dimension variable

The work of Lana Čmajčanin who addresses the viewer through ephemeral means, non-material structures like light, movement and sound. The work Unfinished Symphony was conceived as site-specific installation in Brod Fortress in Slavonski Brod in Croatia. The installation initially represented Čmajčanin’s comment on the repetitive historical practice of violence and wars in the Balkan countries. As the majority of Čmajčanin’s work, also Unfinished Symphony has a base in a particular geo-political condition, but very precisely tacking the themes and questions that can position the work out from the initial condition in which it was created. In this particular situation it is not only about artist’s position towards a particular topic and how is this formally translated into artwork, but it is rather about the “void” that happens between these two entities. Čmajčanin creates a “Brechtian” situation and tears down “the fourth wall” and directly involves the spectator in conflict that stretches between her commentary and spectators personal experience of violence. 

Tevž Logar