Still Counting

Engraved mirror │ mirror, wooden frame │ 2013
Dimension 09 x 12 cm  

Since 1988 on the borders of Europe at least 19,372 people has died. Of which 2,352 in 2011, at least 590 persons in 2012 and 695 persons in 2013 already. The data are updated on October 12th, 2013 and is based on census information in the archives of the international press of the last 26 years.

Numbers engraved in the mirror present dates of tragedies that happened in Mediterranean sea, more precisely on Lampedusa island which despite all tragedies and the enormous death toll still remains an island of hope for migrants. Those dates are the dates of some of the tragedies occurred in the past 10 years starting with the tragedy recently happened - on November 10, 2014 when the death toll reached a figure of 359.

This work is part of Luciano Benetton Collection, Foundation Benetton, Treviso (IT)