11 June - 10 September 2024
Opening on Monday, 10 June at 06:00 PM
Pristina, Kosovo

Artists: Anri Sala, Adrian Paci, Goncalo Mabunda, Lala Meredith Vula, Zana Kadyrova, Lana Cmaijcanin, Olafur Eliasson, Laura Imami, Besa Llugiqi, Vullnet Jakupi, Vita Kasapolli.

Curated by Gazmend Ejupi

REPORTING HOUSE is a reflective exhibition marking the passage of 25 years since the war in Kosovo.

This exhibition seeks to honour the memory of those affected by the conflict while fostering a global dialogue on the enduring impact of war and the universal quest for peace and reconciliation.

Drawing together artists from diverse backgrounds and regions around the world, REPORTING HOUSE transcends geographical boundaries to explore the multifaceted experiences and narratives of war. The participating artists, each hailing from different countries, bring forth their unique perspectives and artistic voices to confront the complexities of conflict through various art mediums, ranging from painting and photography to video, and multimedia installations.

Divided into thematic sections, REPORTING HOUSE navigates through the layers of war's aftermath, touching upon themes of loss, resilience, displacement, and the enduring human spirit.

On the other hand, the documentaries gathered from individuals, local and international media that covered the war in Kosovo will explore stories of survival and solidarity. Each documentary contributes to an important narrative that collectively illuminates the multifaceted dimensions of war's impact.

By featuring artists worldwide, REPORTING HOUSE underscores the global reverberations of war and the interconnectedness of human experiences across borders. Furthermore embracing diverse mediums of art, the exhibition encourages a multi-sensory engagement with the subject matter, allowing for nuanced and layered interpretations of war's impact.

REPORTING HOUSE endeavours to create a space for contemplation, dialogue, and catharsis, honouring the memory of those affected by the war in Kosovo while advocating for a more peaceful and compassionate world.