Artist on Vacation 2018

29 June - 11 August 2019
Opening on Saturday, 29 June at 07:00 PM
Museum of Contemporary Art 
Zagreb, Croatia

Artists:  Vlado Martek, Marijan Molnar, Dragan Živadinov, Eulàlia Grau, Ludo Mich, Adela Jusić, Lana Čmajčanin, Pejović Blagojević, Tijana Petrović, Vanja Žunić, Jelena Pantelić, Milica Bilanović, Vasily Slonov, Dubravko Mataković, Vladimir Nikolić, Andrzej Lachowicz 

The „Artist on Vacation 2018 by Valamar“ is the seventh edition of the project which brought over 70 notable artists from all over the world to Croatia. The project is organized by the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and the Marinko Sudac Collection in collaboration with Valamar Riviera p.l.c.

The project's mission is to present the diverse legacy of the first avant-garde through the participation of world-renowned neo-avant-garde artists, as well as radical practices artists and artists who, in a contemporary context, continue and develop the aesthetics of radical art practice.

The „Artist on Vacation 2018 / Valamar“ hosted 15 artists of different generations and artistic expressions. These include artists who still today speak on significant social topics, and were an important part of the 70s art scene – Vlado Martek (Croatia) through his work in the Group of Six Authors, Marijan Molnar (Croatia), through his films and works, Dragan Živadinov (Slovenia) as one of the founders of Neu Slowenishe Kunst, Eulàlia Grau (Spain) as one of the first feminist artists, Ludo Mich (Belgium), as a pioneer of Belgian experimental film. Here are as well young artists with strong works on the position of women, war, and memory – Adela Jusić (B&H), and Lana Čmajčanin (B&H).

As well, several young artists who participated in the project answered the question of what it means to be an Eastern European woman artists today in their works. They are Isidora Pejović Blagojević (Serbia), Tijana Petrović (Serbia), Vanja Žunić (Serbia), Jelena Pantelić (Serbia), Milica Bilanović (B&H). Active with his socio-political commentary in various media is the artist Vasily Slonov (Russia), as well as a comic book artist and musician Dubravko Mataković (Croatia), and Vladimir Nikolić (Serbia) as well set his stance on art.

With the exhibition of the „Artist on Vacation“ a selection from the exhibition organised during the project (in Zuccato Gallery in Poreč) will be present. The exhibition showcases one of the most significant Polish artists of the 1970s - Andrzej Lachowicz (1939. – 2015.). The Poreč exhibition was his first solo exhibition in Croatia. The exhibition titled „A Form of Consciousness“ showed some of the most known series of Andrzej Lachowicz – conceptual works in the forms of photography, painting, and drawing. During his career Lachowicz contributed greatly to art theory and mentored many artist of the subsequent generation. He is one of the founders of the important independent PERMAFO gallery in Wroclaw.

With the soon start of the 2019 edition of the project, we invite you to join us at the opening of the exhibition and participant presentation of the 2018 edition.

Organizers: Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and the Marinko Sudac Collection, Valamar Riviera p.l.c.