Kupujmo domaće!

08 July – 27 August 2016
Opening on Friday 8th at 7:00 PM
Duplex100m2 gallery 
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Artists: Gordana Anđelić-Galić, Dante Buu, Lana Čmajčanin, Dženat Dreković, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Dženan Hadžihasanović, Nela Hasanbegović, Mak Hubjer, Kasja Jerlagić, Adela Jušić, Šejla Kamerić, Nina Komel, Milomir Kovačević, Radenko Milak, Mladen Miljanović, Damir Nikšić, Aleksandra Nina Knežević, Renata Papista, Daniel Premec, Damir Radović, Lala Raščić, Damir Šagolj, Selman Selma, Bojan Stojčić, Alma Suljević

Curated by Claudia Zini & Pierre Courtin

A collective exhibition of contemporary Bosnian art will be on display at the Duplex100m2 gallery from July 8-August 31, 2016. Kupujmo domaće! will consist of a cabinet of more than 80 artworks that will include paintings, drawings, digital prints, photography and serigraphy.

The aim of the exhibition is to present some of the best contemporary Bosnian artworks to the local and international audience and to promote the development of an art market in the region. It will be the perfect occasion for visitors to start their own collection of Bosnian art; the public will have in fact the opportunity to discover a piece of work, buy it and take it home. Kupujmo domaće! is intended for young as well as established collectors who will be able to find affordable artworks produced by young artists, together with some masterpieces from older generations. Collecting an art piece for the first time is an exciting and rather addictive experience – no matter what people are interested in or how big their budget is. We strongly believe that artworks in intimate living spaces can change people’s environment and life. It is never too early or too late to become a collector!

Duplex100m2 gallery