Everything is Eternity (when we are victory obsessed)

12 February - 28 February 2015
Opening on Thursday, February 12, at 7pm
SIZ  Gallery 
Rijeka, Croatia 

Artists: Nemanja Cvijanovic, Lana Cmajcanin, Filip Jovanovski, Alban Muja, OPA

Curated by Agata Rogos

Fear is meaningless. Death is the process belonging to the Other. There are things far more important than death. In the place where noone dies there i sone crucial rule: live and I will hate you, die and I will mourn you. But how to make this, if you never die?
The exhibition refers to the language of propaganda in present tense, taking into consideration historical issues and actions. The crucial question for this project is taken from the one of Wim Wenders movies: and what we have learned from that? Nothing! How the cultural memory is used for political issues? What is the relation between authority / resistance? Who and how shapes the collective remembering and collective forgetting and what consequences does it bring?

The artists, through references to diverse systems and orders as well as particular universal or local stories, will pose fundamental questions engendered by the phenomenon of play, a phenomenon clearly ubiquitous in the public discourse, and will consider the relationship between the national and the alien and repressed. Questions will also be asked about the presence of the Other and One of Us, as well as the rules according to which they join the play. Who will win is anyone’s guess. Still, there is no doubt that obsession with victory is both present and inevitable, regardless of the social, political or cultural context. 

SIZ Gallery