PROJECTS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Female President

Video Performance │ 03'17" │ sound │ color │ 2005

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In this video performance, the author stands at the podium and tells the shocking testimony of a young woman raped and tortured during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while mimicking the strong face and body gesticulation typical for orators and dictators. 
As we watch this video, the shocking testimony can awaken mixed emotions of sadness, empathy, anger and even shame. It seems that the author is strongly accenting a contrast between what we see and what we hear, by skillfully playing with our senses while challenging a perceptive transformation of reality in a form we are accustomed to. This puts the viewer in the unenviable position; instead of the singular perception process, now two separate processes are contrasting to make watching and listening of this video even harder. 

Original title: Predsjednica
Camera: Ervin Babić
Editing: Ervin Babić
Language: Bosnian
Subtitles: English