PROJECTS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Unfinished Symphony

Interactive site-specific installation │ mixed media │ 2010
Dimension variable

An interactive installation utilizing elements of sound and light which are activated by the movement of visitors. 
When the installation is activated, the visitor is exposed to the strong sound of machine-gun shooting. 
In addition to a direct attack on the receptors of hearing, the visitor is exposed to a strong intensity of intermittent blinding light.
The technical elements of the installations are not visually noticeable, therefore the effect of surprise, shock, and fear is even bigger. 
It is a comment on the repetitive historical practice in the Balkan countries.

Work is set up inside of the Slavonski Brod Fortress built on the north bank of the Sava River by the Austrian Habsburgs between 1715 and 1780, Slavonski Brod Fortress was an important strategic center controlling the main commercial routes towards Turkey and the slowly receding Ottoman Empire.
The fort was designed to accommodate 4,000 soldiers and 150 cannons. According to an evaluation of the Brod Fortress resistance, during the classical siege with full capacity channels, it would have taken ten days of preparation for the attacks and 46 days for the enemy to take over the entire fortress.
Although being a military border stronghold, the fortress almost never had the opportunity to prove and demonstrate its combative power. However, there are many preserved fortifications reminiscent of the bygone times and the everyday military life that took place within. In the period from 1945 up until the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990's, the fortress served as accommodation for the soldiers of the National Army of Yugoslavia.