PROJECTS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Geographical Indication II

HD Video│ 04ʼ06” │ 5.1 surround sound │ color │ 2018
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Video work Geographical Indication II question the perception and understanding of individual persons, or a number of such, based on the countries of their origin. The borders of the homeland become like a permanent geopolitical body inscription, the recognition of woven national identity.

The borders also imply specific geographical origin, which in the recognition of individuals indicate if they possess certain "qualities" or it gives a reputation that is due to that place of origin. 

The perception of people based on a wrongful understanding of their origin generally is followed by particular stereotypes and especially emerges when one is dealing with an immigration and registration offices of the EU administrative apparatus which abounds with a discriminatory charged attitude. 

The work Geographical Indication II calls into question the geopolitical and structural violence, exploring the geopolitical zones and historically inscribed borders. The aim of the work is to problematize and expose the presence of otherwise not so invisible bureaucratic violence based on pre-existing ethnic, racial, national stereotypes.  

Animation by Armin Karadža
Music and Sound Design Ognjen Šavija
Photo by Almin Zrno
Special thanks to Vladimir Lepušina