PROJECTS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

A Change Is Gonna Come

Tetraptych │ C-print on aluminium │ 2015
60 x 80 cm each

The series of photographs entitled: A Change Is Gonna Come is drawing attention to the complex geopolitical situation of possessing and dividing territorial waters in-between different countries. The work deals with perpetual repositions of the borders and demarcation of the sea. It represents a political landscape that rather questions, then documents uncertain and fragile future(s) of those strategic areas which are geopolitical zones of national conflicts and (re) identifications. Variable frames of the Adriatic Sea horizon show the undefined nature which has potential to break through existing borders and to ‘reappropriate’ the land and the sea within new social utopias. Symbolically, through the almost unchanged and static landscape the title implies, provokes and ironizes geopolitical and climatic changes. At the same time, it offers a space, an image and a sign for the politics of hope and its utopian inscriptions.