PROJECTS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

A Change Is Gonna Come

Tetraptych, Photography Installation, Photographic Intervention │ C-print on Aluminum, Mix Media │ 2015/2018
60 x 80 cm each, Dimension Variable

The series of photographs A Change Is Gonna Come is drawing attention to the complex geopolitical situation of possessing and dividing territorial waters in-between countries. The work deals with perpetual repositions of borders and demarcation of the sea. It represents a political landscape that rather questions then documents the uncertain and fragile future(s) of those strategic areas which are geopolitical zones of national conflicts and (re)identifications. Variable frames of the Adriatic Sea horizon show the undefined nature which has potential to break through existing borders and to ‘reappropriate’ the land and the sea within new social utopias. 
The starting points for the work were two recent disputes on the bordering waters between Bosnia-Herzegovina and its neighbors—that is, related to two only points of access for Bosnia-Herzegovina to the sea: Neum-Klek and Sutorina near Herceg-Novi. The first dispute concerns the issue of the Pelješac bridge, building of which is “crucial” Croatian project for connecting Pelješac peninsula with the land. The second dispute relates to the issue of Sutorina, 7km long costal part in the south-east of Bosnia-Herzegovina, now belonging to Montenegro. Another case of the complexity of establishing maritime borders in former Yugoslavia is the recent revival of a dispute between Slovenia and Croatia around the Gulf of Piran.