NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Prato - Sarajevo: Art Invasion - Exhibition

12 June 2014
from 5 - 11 pm

Percorso Urbano
Prato, Italy 

Artists: Francesca Banchelli, Lana Čmajčanin, Gaetano Cunsolo, Emma Grosbois, Lori Lako, Valentina Lapolla, Giacomo Laser e Giulia Del Piero, Olga Pavlenko, Bojan Stojčić, Virginia Zanetti.

The projects of 10 artists invade Prato; initiatives throughout the territory.

Prato-Sarajevo ART INVASION, a residential project for artists active in Tuscany and Bosnia and Herzegovina promoted by the Regione Toscana and Provincia di Prato within the context of Toscanaincontemporanea 2013, is presenting on Thursday, June 12, from 5 to 11 pm, the works of these artists in an itinerary of incursion into various sites in the city, where the artists have worked seeking for on-going contact with the territory. 

Exactly twenty years after the launching of the project for building the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo, Prato is developing and strengthening its relations with the Bosnian city, in honour of the twin cities pact stipulated in 1997 and to re-invigorate the cultural trend inaugurated with the ARS AEVI project. Through an exchange of residencies for artists, the new Prato-Sarajevo project has developed since April 10, 2014 in a well-defined itinerary, with various stages of approach viewed as occasions for stimulating reflection on the relationship today between contemporary art and the territory around it, imagining the city as a place of discussion and exchange.

In the original intent of the ARS AEVI project, young artists were assigned the task of acting as interpreters of our time and thus stimulating the public to reflect on salient issues; and, in the driving spirit of the regional project Toscanaincontemporanea 2013, of conducting artistic research relevant to their own territory, its history and its future prospects.

On the date of June 12, 2014, with the implementation of an urban itinerary that will lead us, from 5 to 11pm, to various sites in the city, all of the artworks and performances will be visible to the public, with the entire project concentrated in a single moment of encounter shared among the participants and the territory that has welcomed them, in a great festival of images, sounds and culture. The artworks and their documentation will remain on display until June 21, 2014.



5:00 pm

Porta Leone, bus stop,

Olga Pavlenko, Quello che forse non c’era, installation

5:30 pm

Via Colombo park,

Emma Grosbois, Camera Obscura, installation

6:00 pm

Via San Fabiano 49, Cinema Borsi and Porta San Fabiano,

Virginia Zanetti, Vissi d’Arte, video-installation at the Cinema Borsi / performance held at various places in the city

Lori Lako, Oro/a, Porta San Fabiano, installation

7:00 pm

Ponte della Passerella / Palazzo Banci Buonamici,

Sala del Consiglio, Va Ricasoli 25

Francesca Banchelli, Fetching Bridges (endlessy) #3, action / live streaming

7:45 pm

Sottopassaggio Ferroviario del Cantiere,

Lori Lako, Oro/a, installation (between Via A. Gramsci and Via R. Ardigò)

8:00 pm

Albergo Giugni, Piazza degli Innocenti 3,

Valentina Lapolla, Sarajevo Walking Tours, performance

8:30 pm

Palazzo Vaj, Via Pugliesi 28,

Gaetano Cunsolo, Laboratorio di autocostruzione per un rifugio, installation

9:00 pm

Palazzo Vaj, Monash University, Salone Grollo, via Pugliesi 26,

Giacomo Laser and Giulia Del Piero, El Cosmógrafo, documentary film screening

10:00 pm

Palazzo Novellucci, Via Cairoli 25,

Lana Čmajčanin, Made in Italy - Made out China, performance

10:30 pm

Palazzo Banci Buonamici, Sala del Consiglio / Giardino di Palazzo Banci Buonamici, Piazza Buonamici

Francesca Banchelli, Fetching Bridges (endlessy) #3, Sala del Consiglio, screening

Bojan Stojčić, La storia appartiene alla pietra il futuro al vento, installation

The various sites will be connected by shuttle bus during the June 12 itinerary