NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist


25 October 2013 - 26 October 2013

Mestna galerija
Ljubljana, Slovenia

BALKAN(S) NOW (Status seminar and artistic survey) curated by Gülsen Bal and Marlene Rigler in cooperation with Open Systems (Vienna), Mestna galerija (Ljubljana ) and Remont (Belgrade) aims to actively engage with current artistic practice in countries of former Yugoslavia as we believe that a much-needed artisticpolitical practice is being shaped in countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo or Slovenia: a practice that relies on self-empowerment, strong networking across the region and a pro-European, yet critical attitude. For that reason looking at the artistic landscape anywhere south of the Austrian border, one discovers a vivid, particularly interconnected art scene that stands in strong contrast to pertaining political tissue.

Project curators Gülsen Bal and Marlene Rigler

Open space

Mestna galerija