NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Du bist mein Spiegel / You are my mirror / TEIL 1 – Girls / Part 1 – Girls / Exhibition in two parts/ Part 1 - Girls

21 September 2013 – 18 October 2013

Potemka Contemporary Art Gallery
Leipzig, Germany

Artists: Lana Čmajčanin, Charlotte Eifler, Judith Miriam Escherlor, Kerstin Flake, Molina Ghosh, Grit Hachmeister, Henriette Grahnert, Nela Hasanbegović, Katrin Heichel, Franziska Holstein, Annegret Hornik, Inga Kerber, Yvette Kießling, Justyna Koeke, Uta Koslik, Kathrin Landa, Corinne von Lebusa, Carina Linge, Bea Meyer, Martina Munse, Michiko Nakatani, Juliana Ortíz, Inka Perl, Claudia Rößger, Kerstin Schiefner, Sophie von Stillfried, Dikla Stern, Kathrin Thiele, VIP

The aspects of mirroring which the women artists explore are as multifaceted in their artistic expression as the different forms of mirroring described in the natural sciences, philosophy or psychology. Besides the straightforward salutatory address of a You, the recognition of the Self in the You, concrete acts of holding up a mirror, and the game of direct-indirect representation of your vis-à-vis, or of the inner or outer self – sometimes cheeky and coquettish, sometimes hard, sometimes gentle, conflicting with the other, allegorical or imitating, analytical or intuitional – there are also  broader, further-reaching interpretations of and perspectives on just what can be understood as an aspect of reflection. Among these are spatial conditions as a mirror of the soul, as well as summaries of societal events condensed in the abstract as echoes of and reactions to the personal environment. Defined on an even wider basis, the topic could also be the discussion between the woman artist and the canvas as a communication partner, or what parts or aspects of herself the artist’s work with other materials will leave or reflect in these media.
If nothing else, the various shards of statements and sentiments form a broad picture of the many individual parts, emotions and intellectual approaches which can be concentrated in one individual.
And this leads us directly to the unmentioned but omnipresent question: Does the exhibition concern the individual parts of a person or more specifically the parts of a female person? Is the exhibition about typical female positions? – Of course, since the exhibition is only showing the work of woman artists. – Are these typical female points of view and approaches? This is what each individual needs to discover and it will be interesting to see how the men artists treat the subject in the second part of the dialogue between man and woman.

Curated by Veronika Somnitz

Potemka Contemporary Art Gallery