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... Was ist Kunst? ... Resuming a Fragmented History

Image Dalibor Martinis, Eternal Flame of Rage, 2008 Zagreb (Croatia), Photo: Boris Cvjetanović

21 September 2013 – 21 November 2013

Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien
Graz, Austria

Artists: Mrđan Bajić, Vojin Bakić, Mladen Bizumić, Braco Dimitrijević, Aleksandra Domanović, Bojan Fajfric, Marina Gržinić / Aina Šmid, Ibro Hasanović, Ana Hoffner, IRWIN, Hristina Ivanovska, Adela Jušić / Lana Čmajčanin, Šejla Kamerić, Marko Krojač, Laibach, Marko Lulić, David Maljković, Luiza Margan, Dalibor Martinis, OHO, Marko Pogaćnik, Renata Poljak, Marta Popivoda, Sašo Sedlaček, Raša Todosijević, Goran Trbuljak…

The exhibition „ ...was ist Kunst?...(Resuming Fragmented Histories) renews the artist’s question in the homonymous performance series by Raša Todosijević. While not getting answered but repeated until exhaustion, it adresses, at the same time, a mobilization of the role of the artist in an art discourse. The show strives to follow this existential question against the background of the severely altered territorial- and cultural relationships in Central and Eastern European countries. The exhibition shows, on the one hand, art history restrospects of formerly excellent Eastern European contributions such as the Slovenian art movement OHO or IRWIN’s approaches and analyses of a linking-up of art and life forms, which were understood transnational, collective and on the assumption of a total absence of physical territory. Those shall be presented between the poles of the artistic practice of the formerly socialist Yugoslavia and the challenges of contemporary artistic practices in countries that are still characterised post-communist but are already facing the neo-colonial reality entering to Eastern Europe. The motivation behind the questioning of geo-political determinants, a locally connoted evocation of discrepancies of gender and politics by art production, activism and visual culture among a younger generation of artists will be content of the show, as finally the appeal to the social impact of the institution of art to be queried.

Curated by Sandro Droschl and Christian Egger

Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien


© Dalibor Martinis, Eternal Flame of Rage, 2008