NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

T.I.C.A. Airlab - Autumn Open Studios

19 September 2012

Tirana, Albania

After the launch of the program in spring 2012, T.I.C.A. Institute for Contemporary Art is pleased to present the 2ndEdition of the AIRLAB Residency Program, running from September 3, 2012 to November 3, 2012.

In collaboration with the artists in residence* of the T.I.C.A. AIRLAB Autumn series

LANA ČMAJČANIN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
NEDA FIRFOVA (Macedonia)

Each artist will introduce with a selection of works into their practice and research field. The event gives you the opportunity to meet the artists, to gain insights into their work and to exchange thoughts and potential networks.

Followed by discussion and drinks, we would be happy to welcome you at the AUTUMN OPEN STUDIO!



Autumn 2012 - Residency Program (the Ladies' one)

T.I.C.A. AIRLAB is a theme-based residency program, setting out in spring 2012 with the subject-matterRE-ENACTMENT AS ARTISTIC STRATEGY. The strategy of re-enactment is an artistic approach that one encounters often in contemporary art. The idea of re-enactment one can say permeates to a certain extent the artistic operation all along the history of art, but a shift in perspective occurs in contemporary art: events are re-enacted not for the mere sake of commemoration, but for the relevance of the past event for the current situation. Furthermore, we can encounter re-enactments of not only historical events, but also of art works and actions done by other artists in the past, or even artists re-enacting their own work or actions. Thus one can say that through reaching back to historical events that have left a trace, or to historical circumstances that inspired creation of certain art works, artistic re-enactment is a way to question our present times through direct engagement not only of the artists but often of the audience as well.