NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Political Timing Specific

16 July 2012 - 04 August 2012

Alte Saline Hallein
Hallein, Austria

Course by Tania Bruguera 

The new term Political Timing Specific describes a working method in which the piece is linked to and depends on the political circumstances existing in the moment it is made or exhibited; it is a type of artwork created to exist at a specific political moment. The term site-specific seems to need a little more "specificity" when one tries to do a political artwork. The constant changes in the political landscape and the "time" used to plan and to produce artworks do not always coincide. Planning an artistic intervention with political intentions is not always synchronized with the institutional need for an exhibition. At the same time, some artworks find themselves unexpectedly in the midst of a larger political conversation.

This workshop will be discussing and creating works that could operate in the interaction between art and politics while understanding the challenging roles of creativity in times of political operability and of artistic relevance. We will be looking at the transformation of the work’s expectations and interpretations while time passes and political situation evolves. We will focus on the value of political art as an aesthetic paradigm.

Selected by Tania Bruguera

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts