NEWS - Lana Čmajčanin - visual artist

Europoly* - Exhausted (Art) Geographies

Conference/Exhibition/Film Program 
16 December 2017 at 1PM
Volkskundemuseum Wien
Vienna, Austria

Introduction and moderation: Jelena Petrović (Belgrade/Vienna) – art researcher and curator

Participants: Lana Čmajčanin (Sarajevo/Vienna) artist, Iliana Fokianaki (Athens/Rotterdam) writer and curator, Marko Lulić (Vienna) artist, Elke Krasny (Vienna) curator and writer

Exhausted (Art) Geographies – After many theoretical, practical and political attempts to define geopoliticality of the contemporary art, especially after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, we faced with an impossibility to define the politics of geographical location outside the global map of the neoliberal distribution of power. Using different means of diversifications, the old one such as: colonial, capitalist and patriarchal mechanisms of social and geographical (re)production and the new one such as: technological, scientific and (techno)cultural methods of social and territorial identification our global world became the geopolitical location where the majority of people doesn’t belong. Inhuman chains of migrations back to back with catastrophic climate changes are ultimate geopolitical exposures of new social class structure within the neoliberal globality in the age of the permanent war. Many artistic practices, theories, exhibitions and critics are a political display of such exhausted geographies or by other words, geopolitical zones of discomfort which refuse to be mobilized for territorial, national, ethnic, religious, economic or other geographies which create the politics of global domination and (post)human exploitation. Starting from those attempts to refuse and to resist to the geopolitics of the present, as well of from the impossibility to step out of perpetuating geopolitical past, those two panels will discuss geographies in conflicts i.e. exhausted geographies and its material limits enacted by political, economic, climatic and epistemic violence of today’s global map shaped by neoliberal distribution of power.

1pm – Part I: Geopolitical art-zones and its discontents (Discussion on art economy and its geopoliticality)

3pm – Part II: Future Geographies (Discussion on possible futures: an art world beyond the neoliberal geography) 

In a frame of the conference *Europoly - Past, Present and Future of the Balkan Migrations in Countries of Central and Western Europe